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  • Jul 12

    The Commonwealth Games 2014 on the horizon

    I can’t believe the Commonwealth Games is only a few days away. It’s come round so fast. Although it starts on Wednesday 23 July, I’ll only race on Monday 28 July.

    I’m very excited about representing Wales at my first Commonwealth Games. My kit has arrived and I love it. It’s going to be a proud moment when I walk out on the stadium wearing it. I suspect it’s only then it’ll all feel real and less like a dream.

    It’s been a difficult season to prepare for coming back from injury over the winter. But, I’ve worked really hard out on the track with my sprint coach, Keith Antoine, and in the gym with my strength and conditioning coach, Matt Archer so hopefully all our hard work will pay off at the Commonwealth Games and at the IPC European Championships soon after in Swansea. But, I’ll share more about the IPC European Championships another time. For now, my focus is single-mindedly set on the Commonwealth Games.

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    Posted By Super Admin on Jul 12, 2014 at 4:08 PM